Where did the name Jack Warry come from?

Jack started his scouting career as a boy in Wraxall troop. He was the son of a local blacksmith. Jack learnt the trade from his father on leaving school. He later joined the army in the years between the two world wars, serving in the Royal Engineers and the Royal Military Police. He was a member to the British Expeditionary Force that went to France at the outbreak of war in 1939. After the war Jack worked for the Automobile Association in Dorset but later returned to his native Somerset to live in Nailsea. His two sons Colin and David expressed a wish to join the movement, Jack and his wife Gladys became directly involved in the activities of the group. He was responsible for the running and organising of the gigantic barbecues that raised most of the funds that provided the present headquarters. His prowess in the art of roasting  meat over an open fire soon became known throughout the West Country.